What we do?

InvestMaster is a startup founded in 2020 by Mohit and Rishabh, engaged in providing unbiased research on what is happening in the global financial markets and economy. We want to simplify complex financial information for our readers, giving them the confidence to manage every aspect of their financial life and strengthening the decision making power of our readers.

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Our Mission

  • To provide the best and most value-adding advice within our advisory expertise areas

Our vision

  • Our vision is to be one of the leading websites for financial knowledge and stock analysis. 
  • To consistently exceed our clients’ expectations for professional and value-adding advice


Invest Master does not provide analysis on intuitions but provides reasons using statistical and analytical tools merged with our past experience.

 Our Organisation works with the basic principles of :

  • Work for the Customer
  • Find problems and focus on it
  • Remove variations and bottlenecks
  • Communicate clearly and train team members
  • Be flexible and responsive



We work on quality management methodology which has and will further help us to improve services on an overall basis and discovering even the little bit of defects and eliminating defects.

The main goal is to provide an experience to our viewers with the utmost quality possible using business processes as required so that there is little to no variance throughout.

Our Services

Stock Market Updates around the globe with Technical and Fundamental Analysis for our readers.

Global Market updates affecting our Indian Stock Market and specific sector/company.

Other Financial Updates relating to taxation, accounting, etc. in simple and understandable language with graphic presentation. 

All information is available in Hindi and English. If you want updates in some other language drop an email we will do it for you 🙂


Our team

Our Team Consists of highly motivated professionals with at least 5 years of experience pursuing CA Course and individuals working in the field of share market trading, taxation, accounting and many more.


The birth of invest master

The InvestMaster was founded in the February 2020 i.e. with the view of providing unbiased analysis and it took exactly 1 year to build a reliable team, sources, connections and many more. We decided to build InvestMaster because like every new investor we were the victim of unbiased news, manipulative analysis and insider trading.